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bad prospects for business and now a new poll is hitting home, too. it is all coming together or coming apart just as the gun has sounded for the home stretch of the mid-term elections. the accused drug kingpin in mexico who used to be an american high school football star. authorities have him behind bars tonight but say while he was free, he may have been involved
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in hundreds of murders. and the offline reaction to a major shake-up online. craigslist has taken down the adult services part of its website amid accusations of promoting prostitution. victims' rights advocates want more and so does an attorney general who helped lead that charge. hello. i'm tom foreman. do not lemon is off. millions of americans furious over high unemployment seem poised to punish washington in the critical mid-term elections, and we have brand new numbers that show it. starting tomorrow, president obama plans a week-long push to get out in front on this issue. we're less than two months away from the voting and the latest cnn opinion research poll shows four out of five americans now think the economy is in poor shape. our deputy political director
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paul has the breakdown. >> reporter: some troubling new number on the economy. take a look at this. this is from the cnn research corporation. our brand new national poll. we asked, how do you rate the economy? check this out. 44% of those we questioned say they rate the economy right now, they describe it as very poor. that's up 7 points from july. so who do people blame right now from the current conditions? our polls suggest more people still blame the republicans rather than the democrats. 44% saying the republicans are more responsible for the current economic conditions. 35% stay democrats. and 16% say you know what? both political parties are to blame. the republican there's try to frame these mid terms as a referendum on barack obama and how he's handling the economy. what do americans think? only 40% we questioned, four in ten, give the president a thumbs up. they say they approve. 59% say they disapprove. that 40%, a new low in cnn polling since barack obama became president.
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so we're here with the cnn express. we're here in pittsburgh, pennsylvania. why are we here? pennsylvania is a little taste of what's happening in the country. democrats trying to hold on to the governor's office, a senate seat. republicans thinking they can win back four or five house seats here in this state. >> this is the weekend that it all kicks off and we want to you keep an eye on the cnn election express. it will be on the road this week in four states with members of the best political team on television. jessica, dana bash, t.j. holmes, all starting the week in pittsburgh. tuesday the bus flifz columbus, ohio. on wednesday, into covington, kentucky, and on thursday, our team reports from indianapolis. president obama is spending labor day in milwaukee and wednesday, he is in cleveland to reveal his new proposals to get the country moving again. plus, he has a news conference on friday which is sure to focus heavily on the economy. a recession this bad rarely happens without political
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consequences. that's just a fact. let's bring in our political editor. mark, how bad does it work as we head into labor day for the democrats? >> it really does come down to the economy for all the legislative, that president obama can turn to. they're looking at an unemployment rate hovering at just below 10%. this is really cataclysmic for them as they head into the mid-term elections. tom, talking to democratic strategists over the last 24 hours, they're telling me they say about 30 democratic states now in the house will be gone. will be lost to republicans. what does that mean in the grand scheme of thing? republicans need right around 40 seats to take back control of the house of representatives and if that happens, that's the end of the obama agenda as we know it, tom. certainly as he is preparing for his own election in 2012, he needs to have as much political muscle that he can have here in washington, d.c. if he loses control of the house, perhaps even the senate,
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he will certainly not be as strong as we've seen over the last two years. >> you raise an interesting point. we're eight week away from voting. is it possible the democrats can retrench in that time and that the republicans are just peaking too soon? >> that is an excellent question. the real will bearish republicans, the ones on the front line are cautiously optimistic that they'll take back the house but they realize that politics one day is an eternity. we're talking about 60 days now heading into the mid-term elections. democrats have a financial advantage. expect them to spend as much money as possible, not to leave a dime on the table to try to keep control of the house and keep control of the senate. they're cautiously optimistic. timing is he go. democrats right now, tom, are trying to build that really strong defense heading into november. >> thanks so much. the game is on. keep your eyes on it right here cnn until the voting. news from the gulf this weekend. take a look. we've waited to see this for quite some time. bp's failed blowout preventer is
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now in the hands of the justice department. this massive structure was hauled up from the bottom of the gulf so investigators can figure out why it didn't shut off the flow of oil last april after the deadly explosion and fire killed 11 men and cause that had drilling rig to sink. the attorney general has said criminal charges will be pursued if the feds find any evidence of wrongdoing. also on the water, the u.s. coast guard rescued seven people off the coast of charleston, south carolina today. the four adults and three children had abandoned their sinking boat and spend 20 hours in the water. luckily they all had on life vests. a coast guard helicopter crew was on the final pass of what had been a six-hour search pat whern one member of that crew spotted them in the moonlight. about 25 miles from the coast. some of the survivors were clinging to a cooler. we talked with a member of the rescue team. >> from what i could see, just
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obviously, they're exhausted from being in the batter long. and the two boys, they had been stung by a jellyfish numerous time. and other than that, as far as could i tell, they were just happy to be out of the water at that point. >> all seven were taken to a south carolina hospital for evaluation and treatment. we will be moving on. craigslist has been under pressure to make some changes to its site. now some states attorneys general are on the way to having it their way. and hundreds of soldiers to afghanistan. this is new. we'll look at how many troops may be involved. host: coulswinto geico really save you 15% or more on car insuranc
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as many as 2,000 additional nato troops including a number of u.s. forces could be heading to afghanistan in the coming weeks. it is part of a plan b proposed by general david petraeus. he has not commented publicly on the need for more u.s. troops but a senior nato official familiar with the matter have confirmed the details to cnn. afghan president hamid karzai has announced the creation of a peace council to have talks with the taliban. the latest step on the part of the afghan government to try to reintegrate some militants back into afghan society. david rhodes was kidnapped by the taliban and held captive for seven months before escaping. i asked him if he thinks this peace council offers a real possibility or if it is just a pipe dream. >> i would say most analysts think it is a small step forward. there may be many local taliban commanders inside afghanistan itself that might broker agreements, and so it is, these
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analysts say it is okay for president karzai to go ahead with this approach. the real issue is the taliban safe haven that's exist inside pakistan. and unless the pakistani army is willing to pressure the taliban that are using safe havens inside pakistan to launch cross border attacks, against american soldiers, it will be impossible to defeat the taliban. so it is a small step forward but without pakistan doing more, it is not going to solve the situation. >> with that said, i keep thinking about how in iraq, the awakening movement was a big turning point there and clearly there is some sense that can be replicated in afghanistan. it seems to me the circumstances are different enough that to expect that kind of 180 turn like we had in iraq would be a bit problematic. >> well, again, i think it is worth trying. there are still in public
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opinion polls, most afghans did not support the taliban. they see it is very weak and a lot of corruption allegations. so it is worth trying to window some taliban to the afghan government side. but you're correct that afghanistan and iraq are very different. and it is in a sense the key thing is the regional players here. and the surrounding countries help the u.s. effort? will pakistan help? will iran help? this is part of a solution but not the whole solution. >> you were held by the taliban. do you think the people, once get beyond that very base level, are eve susceptible to this kind of agreement or will they say no, we're here for the long haul and we're going to win? >> i think that there are probably local taliban inside afghanistan that would be willing to -- many are fighting for power frankly in their own districts. if they could get post there's, they might be willing to reconcile with the govement. another group of taliban, these
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are the people who kidnapped me. they're based inside pakistan's tribal areas. they are much more hard line. they work with swarm fighters including arabs and are reported to she willer al qaeda members as well. that second group of hard line taliban, the ones based in pakistan, will not, i think, agree to this sort of reconciliation program. so again, it is a two-prong approach that will lead to reconciliation, poe essentially inside afghanistan, but it may take military pressure on other taliban groups that are based in pakistan. >> again, that was david rohde of the new york times. closer to home, critics have called the online classified ad site craigslist the single largest source of prostitution in america. cnn challenged its founder on how he was trying to clean it up. >> what are you guys doing to protect these girls?
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>> this week, craigslist pulled the plug. next, see the story that started it all and hear reaction from those who demanded the ads come down. and stopping the bullying. not in class but at the office. one city is considering outlawing workplace bullies. we'll tell you why and how. always do a super job. well, it is. just get the superpagesmobile app on your phone. and look for a business with the superguarantee®. you'll get the job done right, or we'll step in and help make it right. so, protect yourself. use your phone to find a business with the superguarantee®. only from®. and let the good guys come to the rescue.
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advocates who protect women and children from sex trafficking are noting a major switch on the website many consider america's bulletin board. the adult services section of craigslist has shut down in the u.s. this weekend. in what appears to be a response to allegations that it promoted prostitution. we say it appears that way because we haven't had a comment from the folks at craigslist about what they say them say they will release a statement on this later on. we'll see about that. credit cnn's own amber lyon for turning up the pressure on craigslist. she investigated the practices on craigslist and confronted
10:18 pm
founder craig newmark about the site's safeguards. it created quite a sensation. take a look. >> i want to show you how easy it is for these pimps to use these ads. we'll post an ad for a fictional prostitute right now. don't try this at home. it says it will cost $10 per ad. $5 to repost. one of the big things going on with craigslist, they're saying they're monitoring all these ads that come through an adult services to check to see if any of these girls are underage or young. so we put some words in here, sweet, innocent, new girl. we'll see what happens. we'll see if craigslist will let our ad post. we'll see what kind of calls we get. >> i saw your ad on craigslist. >> hello? >> yes. what's your donation -- >> what are you looking for? what type? >> oh, just half an hour. just a quick half an hour get together.
10:19 pm
>> what's your name? >> john. >> john. >> john. >> what is that now? we've had 15 calls and the ad has only been up three hours. 15 call in three hours. we're on the main page of the washington, d.c. craigslist section right now. to get down to the adult serves section, you scroll past the for sale section. it is right underneath pet services is adult services. craigslist says its staff manually screens all these adult services ads and will reject any that make it look or sound like you're selling sex. that may not be easy but when we looked through the ads, most of them were pretty blatant. >> she is sitting here in her underwear. >> reporter: on a single day last week, we counted 7,000 adult services ads in the major metropolitan areas where craigslist is most active. dozens had photos with young looking female. dozens more had words that used youth as a selling point. the fair fund investigates juvenile traching.
10:20 pm
>> most of the young people we've worked with who have been exploited online talks about craigslist them don't talk about the other sites. craigslist is like the walmart of online sex trafficking right now in this country. >> we post ads around like four or five and wait for you to get a call. wait to get a call. >> from everything we understand, when they are being exploited by a pimp or a trafficker, more accurately described, the trafficker is keeping the money. >> if i didn't get it, yeah. he would beat me. >> reporter: so we're here at george washington university and we just found pout craig newmark, the founder of craig list, will be speaking today at a tech conference. he doesn't know we're coming. he's been very media shy about all these allegations against him. he is the craig in craigslist. it is his list. >> can people trust that children are not being sex trafficked on craigslist? >> i think we explained that pretty thoroughly on our blog. >> reporter: that's where jim
10:21 pm
says you will immediately contact law enforcement if you suspect -- >> jim does a great job showing that we do more than anyone in this area. pretty good for a community of 50 million people. >> reporter: this is inspector bryan bray. he is in charge of the prostitution enforcement unit. in craigslist blog, they say that they will immediately could not tack law enforcement any time they see a suspicious ad and you say you've never been contacted by them. >> that's correct. it does bother us from a law enforcement perspective because the problem is so rampant that to get a handle on it, we need all the assistance we can get. and if they're notifying, i'm not sure if they're notifying the right people. we're not getting a call. >> reporter: what are you guys doing to protect these girls? you guys say in the blog that you will remove any ad that looks like the person might be
10:22 pm
suggesting they're going to offer sex. look at this ad. it says yurng sexy, sweet and bubbly. clearly here she writes $250 an hour. what do you think she's selling in her bra and underwear? a dinner date? she's in her bra and underwear. >> have you shown this to us? >> reporter: you guys say you screen all these ads manually in your blog. >> i don't know what this is. have you reported this to us? >> reporter: why do i have the responsibility to report this to you when it is your website? you're the one posting this online. i just want to know. i mean -- okay. we've run into a lot of victims and a lot of advocates that pretty much call your site the walmart of child sex trafficking. in 2008, craigslist greed report any suspicious ads to the center for missing and exploited
10:23 pm
children, which works with police to find and rescue trafficking victims. two years and hundreds of thousands of sketchy ads later, the center says craigslist has reported fewer than 100. thank you for your time, craig. >> our thanks to amber. obviously we've asked the craigslist folks to come on and explain all this. that offer still stands. we'll see if they can come visit with us. just last week, 17 state attorneys general sent a letter demanding that it shut down the adult sex. >> we have other sites in our sites, so to speak and we will pursue this problem. remember that these prostitution ads lead to other very serious criminal activity. they are not victimless crimes. assaults on women, human trafficking. >> strong words. our full interview with richard blumenthal after the break. neve. neve. to late bloomers... full-time moms...
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as we've been reporting, the adult services section is blocked on the u.s. craigslist, at least for now. this is exactly what richard blumenthal and 16 other state attorney generals demanded. for blumenthal, this is a step in the right direct. >> i'm very pleased by this very
10:27 pm
solid and significant apparent step in the right direction. i say apparent because we have received no definite or definitive word from craigslist it spefl this is permanent and complete. but it certainly welcome. if it remains shut down, it will be a model for other sites, we hope, because craigslist is by far the biggest. its scope and scale are unmatched by any others and it is a good step but a continuing battle has to be fought. >> you raise an interesting point. you say there are other sites, weekly newspapers, all sorts of places where these ads appear. is it natural that your group of attorneys general would then pursue these other sites and say now let's put the pressure on them? >> we have other sites in our sights, so to speak. we will pursue this problem. remember that these prostitution ads lead to other very serious criminal activity. they are not victimless crimes, assaults on women, human
10:28 pm
trafficking. we have been joined by very strong and forceful advocates in the private sector like the national center for missing and exploited children, a very good ally, and our coalition of attorneys general actually is growing on this issue. we are in excess of 20 now and i'm very privileged to lead it. but everyone of them has been a leader in his or her state. >> let me ask you beyond this country. because the internet is a global phenomenon. some of the advocacy groups out there have said, there needs to be a way to take this beyond u.s. borders because so much trafficking occurs internationally. is there anything you can or will attempt to do on that front? >> a very good question in terms of our reach and our ultimate goal. certainly beyond the borders of this country, since the internet reaches beyond our borders. very important that human trafficking, for example, which
10:29 pm
can be an international activity, be stopped beyond the borders. but right now our focus really is on craigslist. we're taking it one step at a time. we want to verify and could be firm that craigslist is in fact shutting down because our focus really is on law enforcement within our borders and victims within the reach of this country's law enforcement activities. i would say to you that we also need to think about changes in the will you which right now give these sites virtually complete immunity, they claim, from any accountability for these prostitution ads. craigslist itself says it cannot be held legally responsible for anything advertised on its site. and my belief is, strongly, and it is my personal belief, i can't speak for other attorneys general in this issue, that we need to change that law to hold the sites more accountable than they are now. >> we should note that richard
10:30 pm
blumenthal is the democrat running for u.s. senate in connecticut. we've invited miss mcmahan to appear on this program. that invitation remains available. the nfl is about to kick off again. keeping players on the straight and narrow as the new season approaches. >> i think that we did whatever we could with michael. a lot of it was him and a lot of it was the folks he associated with. >> applying the lessons learned from pro football's infamous scandals. plus, from texas high school football star to accused drug cartel kingpin and mass murderer. the accused criminal known as la barbie is now behind bars and sharing terrible stories of his past. well-being. we're all striving for it. purina cat chow helps you nurture it in your cat
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apply now at you've got staying power. this week a kingpin, edgar, known as la barbie, because of his fair skin and eyes is american born and was wanted on both sides of the board. he was a high school football star in his home town of laredo, texas. now he is said to have organized the killings of hundreds of people. fred burton has been following
10:34 pm
valdez' actions along the border. he is with the state department and a vice president with stratford global intelligence. he joins us now in austin, texas. we know that there is an awful lot of drug running that exists on both sides of the border. how rare is it for an american born citizen to be this highly placed in one of these cartels? >> it is very rare la barbie has managed to make his way to the top of a ruthless cartel. i think he certainly has earned that right based on his known viciousness. he was operating as a hitman in mexico as well as a security chief for beltran lava. >> we have some video of his interrogation. i want to play a little of that and then get your reaction if we can. let's listen. >> what was the route that you operated?
10:35 pm
>> panama to mexico. >> how did you manage the money? how did you do it to move so much cash? >> well, cash would come to me from the united states. >> how do they send you the money? >> in semitractor trucks. >> is this typical talk for these drug pins? their normal business? >> this is normal business. it is still very much a bulk cash business. in essence, they ship the product north. a very efficient supply chain. the bulk cash comes back south. and the money is just astronomical when you start looking at just the flow of cash into mexico. and in many ways, this is mexico's economy. >> do we have any idea how this transformation happened with la barbie? how did he go from being a high school football player in the united states to the person he
10:36 pm
is today? >> from looking at his past, it appears that at age 19, he had his first brush with the law down in laredo. and he was involved in a horrific car accident where he killed a middle school teacher. and he wasn't indicted for that. and then there was a series of minor arrests, possession of marijuana, drinking in public. then he vanishes into mexico where he surfaces as one of the security chiefs for the beltran lava organization. and it is rumored that he was involved in several assassinations inside of mexico as well as some of his cross border activities. >> how did he happen to get caught, fred? >> when you look at a situation like, this it is typically a dog eat dog business. an individual has led him off and ratted him to the authorities for his location. however, there is one theory running through the community
10:37 pm
that he in fact may have turned himself in, or in essence, set himself up. because if you look at what happened to beltran lava, there is no good outcome for these individuals. to be blunt, i'm surprised that he was taken alive without any shots that were fired. million of americans are struggling this labor day weekend to make ends meet as the u.s. economy tries to dig its way out of the rough. now president obama says he has a new plan to give americans a boost. especially small businesses. plus, like most people you probably have insurance on your house, your car, what about on your hair? find out how much an nfl player's hair is insured for.
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let's check out some of our top stories. cnn has learned as many as 2,000 additional nato troops including a number of u.s. forces could be heading to afghanistan in the coming weeks. it is part of a plan being proposed by general david petraeus. he has not commented publicly on the need for more troops but the u.s. defense official and the nato official familiar with the matter have confirm these details to cnn this weekend.
10:41 pm
u.s. troops helped in downtown baghdad today. it happened at the iraqi army headquarters for eastern baghdad. a group five suicide bombers and gunmen tried to storm the facility. the iraqi military says at least 12 people were killed. another 36 injured. none was american. it was the first significant attack in baghdad since president obama declared an end to u.s. combat operations four days ago. on this labor day holiday, the city of santa fe. in, is considering a resolution to prevent workplace bullying. our affiliate, koat reports a city councilmember is proposing training and a better monitoring system for city employees to report bullying behavior. if passed, santa fe would be among the first jurisdictions in the country to have a measure like this. this week the economy remains issue number one. on wednesday, president obama reveals a new plan to perhaps ease america's economic worries, especially for small businesses.
10:42 pm
it includes a permanent extension of a tax credit for business research and development. aides have said the president is considering a pay roll tax holiday and new spending on infrastructure. many of you will be off tomorrow to observe labor day but official washington never really takes a break. here's a preview of what to expect in the week ahead beginning with president obama's schedule. >> i'm ed henry at the white house. with less than two months to go before the election day, it is all about the economy for the president on. monday in milwaukee, wednesday in cleveland, he will be unveiling some new details of an economic plan his aides are putting together, likely to include some new business tax cuts. maybe also some infrastructure spending to try to goose the economy. then on friday the president has a news conference here at the white house. his first since may. >> i'm barbara starr at the pentagon. defense secretary robert gates returns from an overseas trip to the war zones. in iraq and afghanistan, and
10:43 pm
gets back down to business here. military commanders in pakistan, afghanistan, and south korea will all provide updates on what is going on in their regions, and on saturday, the secretary will lay a wreath here at the pentagon in memory of the 9/11 attacks. will. >> reporter: i'm poppy harlow. trading resumes tuesday morning and on wednesday, the federal unleashes its beige book. investors will be paying very close attention to that and also to a key trade balance report that we'll get on thursday. the last report showed that the u.s. trade imbalance was at a 21-month high. that caused the dow to drop more than 251 points. the u.s. will be looking for a higher number in that report. we'll track it all for you on cnn money. big news overseas this week as well. our international desk editor is here.
10:44 pm
tell us what will be happening. >> starting off we'll go to iran, a city northwest of tehran. this is a story that has received a lot of international attention. one we've been following for a couple months now. the case of the iranian woman, the 43-year-old iranian woman. she actually faces execution for adultery and they're going to stone her. they plan on stoning her. the latest development on this story is that she faces an additional sentence of 99 lashes because a photo of her, an alleged photo of hers appeared in the times of london. now opponents of the execution are saying that this is a case of mistaken identity and there is a lot of controversy surrounding the validity of the photo itself. but nevertheless, today vatican issued a statement saying the pope said that, you know, i'm going to be following this case and he is willing to go through diplomatic channels to help her. and also, tomorrow out of paris,
10:45 pm
a foreign french minute stler come out and hold the press conference talking about the case. a lot of developments. a lot of international intervention and also, a lot of surprises. now, what we can -- actually, let's go to korea first. so this is the first high level meeting of korea's workers since the 1960s. something like this has not happened in over 40 years. so what a lot of people are speculating is that north korea's president, kim jong i will, will psupposedly make his son his predecessor. it would be the first time his son will be making an appearance. so a story we'll watch closely and see if it surprises us. >> do you consider possibly a shaky succession there? >> absolutely. absolutely. >> interesting. now this is a really interesting story. so objectly the u.s. isn't the only place where divorce is on
10:46 pm
the rise. japanese couple can now end their marriage with what is called a divorce ceremony them pretty much can sayonara. they smash their wedding rings, they dine with their backs to each other and they receive well wishes from their friends as they embark on their separate journeys in their separate lives. so crazy. what do you think the price tag on this is? >> $100. >> close. 55,000 yen, estimated to be around $606. >> really! does that include the dinner? >> it probably does. >> so good to have you here. the update from overseas. millions of americans closer to home are struggling in this economy. as the age old standard of two incomes still better than one? some surprising answers coming up. plus, fame, money, power. no limit to the temptation for many nfl players.
10:47 pm
>> i wish it was like throwing a football. i know how to throw a football. >> how one team is pushing players to make better decision when's they are out of uniform. when you approach things from a different perspective, you don't end up with just another car. you end up with the all-new saab 9-5 luxury sport sedan.
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on this labor day holiday, we're taking a look at a lot of issues having to do with job and a common perception among families, especially in a bad economy. that they need both partners to work. but are two incomes always better than one? i talked with jennifer openshaw, the ceo of the family financial network. she said sometimes, one income is the way to go, but you have to do the math first. >> let's take a look at this example. let's say the second person earns $50,000 in income. but you have maybe $10,000 to $15,000 in taxes. that leaves with you $35,000. but then let's not forget that we've got clothing costs.
10:51 pm
we've got transportation, maybe a car to get to our job. maybe we've got childcare expenses. if you take those combined, those can easily come to $15,000. and that can whittle that $35,000 net pay down to something like $20,000. and then of course, maybe you're thinking about, gosh, does it make sense to have somebody at home raising my kids versus me? those are some very real questions couples need to ask themselves. >> so this is something where people have to on an individual basis do the math and not make an assumption. i'm guessing, you mentioned some of the obvious costs. for any given family there may be other costs like you have a big yard and you have to hire someone to do the lawn because you're working so much. >> you bet. if somebody will decide to stay home, it may make sense if they're going to take over those services that could be mowing the lawn or taking care of the kids or even doing the knowing which so many women do, increasingly at home.
10:52 pm
so there are times when one income does make sense. certainly if you have a job that's very secure with strong health care benefits, that's a bin one for a lot of families. and if you've got low debt, you certainly don't want to be relying on one income if you've got a fair amount of debt that you have to be paying off every month. >> you have a rule of thumb that people can apply if they look at the cost of their living space. their home or their apartment. tell us about that. >> that is, you don't want your housing costs, if you will have somebody to stay home, to be more than 25% of your monthly pay before taxes. so the example there would be, if one person's income is $4,000 a month and they should not have ideally more than $1,000 going to rent or the housing payment. and that's for all sorts of reasons, including making sure they can pay off that debt but also have room in case they face some financial crisis down the road.
10:53 pm
our next story coming up in a moment. it sounds like something out of a well known stephen spielberg story. the potentially man eating shark found swimming in the potomac river. do you think d.c. is tough? you don't know the half of it.
10:54 pm
10:55 pm
10:56 pm
the new nfl season starts this week which means we can start looking for those instance when's some player lets the money and fame to go his head and do something not very bright. one team is hoping to avoid that by doing a different type of coaching with speakers like our own don lemon and he brings us the story. >> reporter: when you're an nfl player on the field, there is always a coach watching to whip you into shape. off the feel, a different story. players making name for themselves in all the wrong ways. bad decisions, bad role models, they've seen too much of it in the past. >> we did whatever we could with michael. a lot of it was him and a lot of it was folks he associated. with. >> reporter: in the aftermath of the michael vick scandal, they
10:57 pm
found themselves fighting the perception that nfl players have too much money, not enough brains. >> i really want you to think about and plan for what each of you wants to do in the community. >> reporter: welcome to falcons u. a crash course that teaches players to handle themselves when they're not playing. >> don't give until it hurts. give until it feel good. >> if there were more programs like, this douses we wouldn't hear about the vicks, the roethlisbergers? >> you do see a lot of negative thing about players in the nfl. it is such a small minority. >> reporter: the quarterback matt ryan attended this year's summit along with many others. >> good things players do within the communicate, taking care of themselves, financially sometime get lost. >> if you have to second guess yourself, if you're going to question yourself shrk i be doing this, will my family reap the nastiness of me choosing this decision or is my name going to be tarnished?
10:58 pm
>> reporter: but it is about more than public perception. this year's sum offered lessons on how to invest, which charities to give to, which endorsements to take. >> the football field, they've got a lot of good counseling for many years and dog getting it here. some of the life transition, life skills, they haven't. so we can add value there. >> there three years, i believe that's how long it takes an nfl player to lose the money that he made in the nfl. >> this window, especially playing football, can be short sometimes. you have to make that transition from college to the real world. >> being one of the oldest, i'm 29 in 37 months now, so i kind of, i'm closer to the end of that time. you need to be thinking about that next step. it gave us the opportunity to meet a lot of people. >> reporter: given his importance to the tale, matt ryan knows he is under extra scrutiny. >> i wish stuff off the field was like throwing a football. i know how to throw a football.
10:59 pm
i've had to learn and try listen to a lot of different people. >> reporter: a reminder that in the nfl, handling your business means more than winning football game. don lemon, cnn, flowery branch, georgia. we have time for just a little bit more of the news you may have missed before we go. we always try to give that you on suns. the first is about the nfl. about an nfl star whose hair is now insured for $1 million. look at him. proctor and gamble took out the policy with lloyd's. london to protect the hair of troy polamalu. he is featured for head and shoulders shampoo and he says he hasn't cut his hair in years. and a fisherman pulled this eight-foot long bull shark from the waters of the potomac river last week. down river from washington, d.c. willy dean said he realized there was something unusual and enormous in his net.

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